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House Id Charter

Who are we and how did it all begin

House Id has been described as a motley group of characters portraying a wide swath of history from roughly 700 to 1600's AD and occasionally into the golden age of piracy (1720's). We like it that way as it gives both creative outlet and a wider range of event types we can attend. We are equally at home in a Viking or medieval themed event as we are at Renaissance festivals and great Pirate gatherings. It should be noted that the SCA is far more relaxed in terms of costume, encampment, and character portrayal than the typical renaissance event. With this in mind House ID is somewhat flexible in its portrayal of different time periods and at different events. At some events you may see a household full of modern tents and coolers and at others a "period" encampment with no visible sign of the 21st century.

House id was formed in 2005 by John Blackburn and Maggie Barrette two seasoned historical performers who found themselves transplanted from the lands far to the south. The household was created to help perpetuate their mutual renaissance and medieval reenactment hobby. After moving up north John and Maggie discovered that the lifestyle of traveling renaissance guilds in a large and varied festival circuit was virtually unheard of in the Pacific North West. Unlike the renaissance festivals they where used to with many fairs each season within a hundred miles of each other,north western events are few and far between by comparison.

However all was not lost! Although between them they possessed more than 30 years of historical reenactment experience in the renaissance (Tudor era), fantasy fairs, and prate festivals neither one had ever tested the waters of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). Indeed the society was uncharted lands far off in the twilight of understanding. It had simply never come up as a thing to do as their reenactment experience was quite full and left no time to explore other venues. So they took the "plunge" and begun to attend SCA events.

Not knowing much about the society, beyond what they had read on line they decided to "go for broke," and attended more than 12 events that first season. This plunge into the Society for Creative Anachronism gave John and Maggie a good insight into the organization and its habits in a very short period of time. They decided early on to use their extensive reenactment, artistic, and marshal knowledge in the formation of House ID. The household presents a facade of medieval or nautical themed encampment housing a swaggering group of characters, artists, sword scholars, actors, and general miscreants. The household has made many friendships and alliances since it formed in 2005 and has become well met in its corner of the known world.

John Blackburn: Head of Household, actor, sword scholar, home brewer, amateur blacksmith, armorer, and set design and construction / first event 1990

Maggie Barrette: Founding member and now Part time event attendee, Sword Scholar, Costume design and seamstress, actor, period vocabulary scholar, and social historian / first event 1986

John & Maggie's former guild (household) memberships: St. Magdalene's renaissance guild California (founders) / St. Gregory's renaissance guild California / St. Kergen's mercenary guild California (founding members) / St. John's renaissance guild of the Nights Hospitler California / Royal Scots renaissance guild California / Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Fair / C.I.R.G.A. (California Independent Renaissance Guild Association)

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ID, definition: According to Sigmund Freud
The ID is that place in the psyche that is the repository of our primal instincts and strong emotions. Id is that which modern humans control with intellect and a veneer of social and religious rules and morals.

ID, definition: According to Cpt. Sir. John Blackburn
ID is a mythical realm of strange magic where the "Nammer of things of ID" did first name the King of Id and the land thereto. So was made the kingdom of ID and all the Idiots who dwell within and all the things that are and so named of ID.....

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