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The Kingdom of Id

The story of how Id all began
By John Blackburn

Id is a land of magic and irony couched in a cosmic metaphor... or is it just a simple pun?

I be John Blackburn renaissance performer and SCAdian of many years now. In all that time I have encountered many a mystical imagination but none quite so grand as a small group of enactment folk from Fresno CA.

It was, as I recall, Friday night at the second and final Clovis Lakes CA. renaissance fair in 1992. Set up was complete and many where tending to their private matters of camp, food, and of course drink. I too was well into my first coop of ale and feeling the muse come upon me as I donned my sword and pouches in expectation of the coming revels.

As I made my way to the Sudden Death tavern, both our stage and place to be after hours, I did come upon one Roger DeCarnage, mercenary and rouge of legendary stature. He did bade me come hence to the swimming pool where I must partake of goodly strong drink and observe the spectacle unfolding.

I suppose I should at this point mention that Clovis Lakes is, or at least was, a water slide park just outside Clovis a suburb of Fresno California. Being such it of course had facilities not common at reenactment events.

I of course was well met by this suggestion and did with full enthusiasm make all hast to accompany master Decarnage forth with to the place of the concrete pond.

A spectacle indeed was there to be hold for at this time in the fair season it was early in the spring and many things at Clovis Lakes were still as yet in winter condition. The showers had no hot water, the buildings were still boarded up, and the swimming pool was still around 50 degrees F. Of course this hindered not the gypsy guild of the Travelers Union for it was there intent to swim this early evening. Upon arrival myself and Decarnage did behold a pool full of idiots some in shorts and many in partial costume did frolic in the cold (cold) water.

Roger being an astute observer and opportunist did spy a stack of plastic chairs, the type that one could sit high upon when stacked as a throne. He bade me sit upon the higher stack as he did take a seat on a slightly lower stack overlooking the floating idiots. As I settled upon my high throne master Decarnage did produce a small flask of something indeed quite strong and well aged. As we sat quaffing ale and sipping scotch the muse did take upon Roger Decarnage in a grand way.

As he, Roger, did look upon the splashing fools making note of several of the women who now had see through shirts on did come to think of them as minions of a magical land. As he put down his flask and stretched out his arms he declared in most grand fashion, "This is the Kingdom of Id and all these here are the Idiots and you my lord Blackburn are their and my King and are hence forth named the King of Id. For I Roger Decarnage am hence forth The Namer of Things of Id." Thus was borne the kingdom of Id and the many Idiots who dwell within its magical lands.

This was of course a grand jest and made us much marry in its telling. It by all rights may have stood as just that, a simple jest between two friends. Interestingly as I would learn over the many years of renaissance fair to follow that things do sometimes gain a life of their own. This became true with the Kingdom of Id as those in the pool did overhear our marry jest and did praise us for our levity and cleverness whereupon they did take to reverence and hail me as the king and Roger as the Namer too. In fact several of the wenches did issue forth from the pool pulling tight their white water soaked and most see through sifts so that we may behold the grandeur of our new subjects....

What magic had Master Decarnage worked that evening I still do not know for as the night grew darker and the merriment grander did all manner of person inquire about Id. It was strange indeed to have persons not at the pool earlier that night come and reverence me as lord King of Id and bade me take them as subject of such. This too did Master Roger experience as he was hailed Lord Namer of things of Id and creator thereto.

This strange fascination with Id and the desire of all to be named "into Id" did continue not just all night but all weekend as the news of Rogers grand creation spread like fire in a wheat field. So many folk where named as was Id's first law was that only the King or the Nammer could name of Id. Yet even with such restrictions did we name nearly a hundred that night as individuals such as "The Taller Pirate of id not to be confused with the Pirate of Id." Than of course there were the Minister of Killing things of Id, She who slept through Id, the Stumbler of Id, and many more. I the King of Id too being of lusty disposition did name several Mistresses of Id and the Queen of Id that weekend.

It quickly came to pass that names of Id followed a form that became the second law of Id. "Names of id must be 'such and such of Id' in form and be granted based on some unique trait or act of stupidity or cleverness displayed at the moment of naming, or be some outstanding quality or trait held by the named." By even this early point far too many have been named for me to relate herein or even remember all in a single instance. Thus the third law of Id, "Remember well your name for it may not be granted again because we were in our cups the first time and cannot remember it now."

As the months turned into years and my reenactment carrier went on the realm of Id has steadily grew well beyond the bounds of our first fellowship. Id spread across the with and breath of the Northern Ca fair circuit and beyond as the many named of Id moved to distant lands taking the knowledge and stories of Id with them. It is now by the writing of this some 17 years hence that the Kingdom of Id is massive and filled with hundreds if not thousands of Idiots some of unique name and stature but many more just happy to be one of the masses of those who proudly call themselves "of Id."

And yes, you guessed it, Id has no wizard... cus we don't wanna get sued!


The Chronicles of Id
By Laurel Thompson

The Chronicles of Id is a series of short stories conceived by Laurel Thompson in which the kingdom is set in an alternate reality from contemporary times. The stories are written from the perspective of Laurel herself as the Chronicler of Id traveling the land chronicling things of Id. According to the Chronicles the land of Id exists in is a magical if not trans dimensional realm where the "castle of Id" is a post apocalyptic bombed out sky scraper with a flooded parking garage as a moat. The penthouse is one of the few intact section of the castle (skyscraper) and is where the king holds court. Throughout the lad time is not constant and one traveling Id can step from medieval surroundings to modern or futuristic settings in an instant. The land of Id is also full of puns and plays on words where abstract concepts are often personified as living characters "of Id." In one noted instance the king of Id sits in his throne attempting to persuade the Hangover of Id, in the person of a green faced hag, to leave him alone. The entire existence of Id is attributed to the "Namer of Things of Id," who founded id and who brings things of Id into being simply by naming them. The stories go on to follow the various exploits of the "Named of Id" as they go about pursuing life in a manner consistent with their Id names. The King is often heard to quote Mel Brooks in saying "It's good to be da king," as he imbibes in the pleasures of id and especially favors the Maidens of Id and the the stout of Id which is brewed by the monks of Id.

Chronicles of Id Copyright © 1999 Laurel Thompson